May 6, 2013

Nindra narayana Perumal - Cave Temple

Friends cannot be always friends but enemies become friends sometimes.In puranas, there is a story of vasuki which belong to snake family which disturbed garuda which serves sri vishnu as his vehicle.There is a temple in a place called Thiruthangal in virudunagar district where garudan in human form can be seen holding vasugi snake in his hands.


People worship lord nindra narayana perumal and 4 amman here for getting married with their loved souls without any hurdles.Four Amman here are annalakshmi, anruthanayagi, anantha nayagi and jambavathi. This is a special place where all four amman can be worshipped with perumal in a single temple.

Parivattam is offered to lord perumal and thirumanjanam is offered for amman after fulfillment of wishes.This temple is a cave temple. 

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