May 27, 2013

Navaimukunthan Temple - Navayogi sthalam

In kerala, sri mahalakshmi has been installed separately in only one temple and 9 yogis have got blessings from lord perumal in the same place.The temple is called as navaimukunthan temple and is situated in malappuram district of kerala in a place called thirunavai.


Sri mahalakshmi have a separate temple only here in this place in kerala.People give pithru tharpanam in this temple as  this is so famous for this type of ritual in kerala. Amman is called malarmangai nachiyar.

One can reach this place by travelling from palakkad to pattambi which is 100 kms away.From there one has to travel to a place called kuttipuram and from there one can reach this temple.

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