May 17, 2013

Bairavar worship to cure any disease

In astrology 6 th house denotes financial problems, health problems and problems caused by enemies which are going to affect a human being.A simple way which is researched and described here for curing severe diseases.

Any one who is affected by disease which is life threatening can follow these steps to reduce the bad effect of the disease.

1.He should do abhisegam for Kala bairavar by offering athar, punugu, javvathu, santhanam, milk, sevvaralai flowers. He should finish it by offering tender coconut water to kalabairavar.This must be done on Tuesday from 6-7 am or 1-2 pm or 8-9 pm  only on tuesdays.
2.He should recite om hreem maha bairavaya namaha while offering abhisegam.
3.This abhisegam should be continued for 9 tuesdays as it can be done continuously.It should be finished at least having breaking periods.This will reduce or cure any long term disease. 

Thanks to aanimika kadal blog

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