May 31, 2013

Ragunayaka Temple - Ayothi

Ayothi is the place where Lord rama's story begins and ends.It is the same place he and his brothers lakshmana, Bharahta and chathrukanan had taken birth and in sarayu river which is 6 kms away from ayothi they had breathed their last breath.This place is a very important place having so much of purvapunyam.


Lord Rama along with Devi sita and Brothers along with Hanuman and garudan can be worshipped for removing any sins of previous births.Writing sri ramajeyam and reciting rama nama will bring immense benefits.Thulasi malai is offered for sri rama.Worshipping Lord Rama's birth chart by keeping it and doing  pooja  regularly will bring so much punya for a family.

May 29, 2013

Mayapiran Temple - Bheema's Temple

Panchapandavas have built separate temples for lord perumal and beema had built a temple in a place called kuttanaattu thirupuliyur in alapula district.Like bheema's kathayutham temple is big in nature.


Bheema had built this mayapiran temple.People worship lord perumal and amman porkodi nachiyar for solving marriage and child related issues.Lamps are lighted and thulasi is used for archanai.

Thirupuliyur is 4 kms away from Chenganur.Chenganur is connected by buses from all districts in kerala.This is one of the 108 divyadesams 

May 27, 2013

Navaimukunthan Temple - Navayogi sthalam

In kerala, sri mahalakshmi has been installed separately in only one temple and 9 yogis have got blessings from lord perumal in the same place.The temple is called as navaimukunthan temple and is situated in malappuram district of kerala in a place called thirunavai.


Sri mahalakshmi have a separate temple only here in this place in kerala.People give pithru tharpanam in this temple as  this is so famous for this type of ritual in kerala. Amman is called malarmangai nachiyar.

One can reach this place by travelling from palakkad to pattambi which is 100 kms away.From there one has to travel to a place called kuttipuram and from there one can reach this temple.

May 24, 2013

Lakshmana Perumal temple - Thiruvona Pooja

In epic ramayana,  bharathan and bharathan are the last two brothers of rama.They had built a temple for lord perumal in ernakulam district of kerala in a place called Thirumoolikalam.


Thiruvona Pooja here is very famous here.People do thiruvona pooja for perumal for birth of a child.One has to book one year in advance for doing this pooja.A siva temple is also inside this temple setting an example for saiva-vainava friendship here.Santhana Kappu is offered to lord perumal after fulfillment of wishes.

Amman here is called as Maduraveni nachiyar.Buses running through alavai to mala in ernakulam district go through this temple.


May 22, 2013

Arputha Narayanan Temple - Thirukadithanam

Among pancha pandavas, sagathevan is the last member among five brothers.He had excellent knowledge in astrology as he calculated the best starting time of war in guruchetra for the gauruvas, the opposition  showing the true character of an astrologer.He had built a temple for perumal in kottaym district of kerala in  a place called thirukadithanam as lord krishna who saved pancha pandavas is another form of lord perumal.


People who want victory and moksha pray here to lord arputha narayanan and amman karpagavalli nachiyar.
People offer thirumanjanam for perumal and amman after fulfillment of wishes.

This temple is at a distance of 2 kms from konganacheri.Konganacheri is in the route of kottayam to thiruvalla at a distance of 21 kms from kottayam. 

May 20, 2013

Imayavarappan Temple - Thiruchittaru

Anyone taking birth in this world has a possibility of doing several mistakes.But there are known faults among them in which people do it purposefully which may affect directly or indirectly.A temple in kerala in aalapula district  of kerala called imayavarappan temple provides a solution for this problem.


People who want to pray for known faults offer their prayers here to lord perumal and amman.After fulfillment of their wishes people offer thirumanjanamto lord perumal and amman.

This temple is among 108 divyadesams and is situated at a distance of  4 kms  from senganoor.Bus facilities are available to senganoor  from all districts of kerala.

May 17, 2013

Bairavar worship to cure any disease

In astrology 6 th house denotes financial problems, health problems and problems caused by enemies which are going to affect a human being.A simple way which is researched and described here for curing severe diseases.

Any one who is affected by disease which is life threatening can follow these steps to reduce the bad effect of the disease.

1.He should do abhisegam for Kala bairavar by offering athar, punugu, javvathu, santhanam, milk, sevvaralai flowers. He should finish it by offering tender coconut water to kalabairavar.This must be done on Tuesday from 6-7 am or 1-2 pm or 8-9 pm  only on tuesdays.
2.He should recite om hreem maha bairavaya namaha while offering abhisegam.
3.This abhisegam should be continued for 9 tuesdays as it can be done continuously.It should be finished at least having breaking periods.This will reduce or cure any long term disease. 

Thanks to aanimika kadal blog

May 13, 2013

Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy Temple - Kongana siddhar Jeeva Samathi

According to siddhar's wherever a jeeva samathi of a siddhar is in a particular temple, that temple will become so famous and powerful.Thiruannamalai temple is so famous as Idaikkattu Siddhar Jeeva Samathi is inside the temple of Sri Arunachaleswarar.Like that a temple which is world richest has Kongana Siddhar Samathi.It is Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy temple, where Kongana Siddhar Jeeva Samathi can be worshipped.


People who are having financial problems come here and worship Lord Venkatachalapathy with Sri Devi and Poo Devi. Devotees observe fasting on saturdays of tamil month of Puratasi for this Perumal and people who hear or read the story of sri venkatachalapathy has no rebirth as described in sthala puranam.Tirupathi Laddu is world famous here as it is the sweet offered as prasadam here.

  This temple is situated in tirupathi insithoor district of andhra pradesh.Tirupathi is well connected by buses, train and flight transport.

Visit jaghamani blog for more information

May 10, 2013

Prahaladavaraadan Temple - Nava narasimmamurthy

Narasimmar is a aggressie form taken by lord narayanan to save his disciple pragalada.In every perumal temple there is a narasimmar temple insisde it.Nine forms of narasimmar can be worshipped in a place  called agobilam in andhrapradesh state of india.


This temple is the only temple having nine narasimmars in a hill. 3 temples are below the hill.They are
  • Barkava Narasimmar (represent sun)
  • Yogananda Narasimmar(represent saturn)
  • Chakravada Narasimmar(represent ketu)
6 temples are above in hills.They are

Agobila Narasimmar (represent jupiter)
Varaga Narasimmar (represent ragu)
Malola Narasimmar (represent venus)
Juwala Narasimmar (represent mars)
Pavana Narasimmar (represent mercury)
Kaarancha Narasimmar (represent moon))

Jayasthambam which is a statue made of single stone which is 85 feet in height is special here.People pray here for fulfillment of wishes regarding victory over enemies Lord perumal is called pragalada varadan and agobila narasimmar.Amman is called as Amirtthavalli and Sri Lakshmi.

More details about the temple here

May 8, 2013

Vadapathrasai Andal Temple - Sri villiputhur special

Sri villiputhur is special for a sweet called paalkova. sri villiputhur is the birth place of andal where vadapthrasai temple is situated.Andal is called as Kothainachi. Lord perumal can be seen in shirt and pant costume and it is a rare dharshan for devotees.Temples of perumal, andal and garudalwar is in the form of OM mantra and it is another speciality.   


Women pray to sri andal as she is famous for "thirupavai" and "nachiyar thirumozhli" which is a compilation of songs about perumal as women recite them for getting a good married life.

Tamilnadu government symbol in none other than sri villiputhur gopuram.During tamil month of karthigai, 108 blamkets are offered for perumal, andal and garudalwar.

Daily a parrot made of leaves is offered to andal.People who want female children with good knowledge pray to sri andal and perumal. 

May 6, 2013

Nindra narayana Perumal - Cave Temple

Friends cannot be always friends but enemies become friends sometimes.In puranas, there is a story of vasuki which belong to snake family which disturbed garuda which serves sri vishnu as his vehicle.There is a temple in a place called Thiruthangal in virudunagar district where garudan in human form can be seen holding vasugi snake in his hands.


People worship lord nindra narayana perumal and 4 amman here for getting married with their loved souls without any hurdles.Four Amman here are annalakshmi, anruthanayagi, anantha nayagi and jambavathi. This is a special place where all four amman can be worshipped with perumal in a single temple.

Parivattam is offered to lord perumal and thirumanjanam is offered for amman after fulfillment of wishes.This temple is a cave temple. 

May 3, 2013

Thiruvikrama swamy Temple - Suyambu Vishnu Durgai

Syambu is a structure of any form that originates itself.Such a type of vishnu durgai can be found in Thiruvikrama swamy temple in Thirukovilur in villupuram district.This temple is one of the important temples among 108 divya desam and is called as Nadu nattu Thirupathi.Gopuram of this temple is the third largest amog temples in tamilnadu.

Speciality :

Lord perumal is called as Thiruvikramar and amman is called as Poongoval Nachiyar.Lord perumal found here in standing posture is very big among those in other temples.People pray for Good job, Promotion and job loss problems here according to sthala puranam.New clothes, Thulasi malai are offered by devotees here after fulfillment of wishes.Kumkum abhisegam is done here for Durgai amman as vishnu durgai is special for solving problems related to brother sister relationships.Special pooja is done for vishnu durga on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This the first Panchakrishna shetram among five.Krishnar made of chalikram can be worshipped here as devotees worship him first before worshipping perumal.

May 1, 2013

Yoga Narasimmar Temple - Sholingar

Lord Narasimmar can be found usually in an aggressive posture in most of the temples.Some temples have him in an yoga stage.A temple situated in Cholingar in vellore district is very special as Lord Narasimmar and Anjaneyar can be seen in Yoga stage in separate hills.This is one of the 108 divyadesams.


Lord Narasimmar and Sri Anjaneyar can be worshipped in Yoga stage as it is very rare dharshan for any one. Problems caused by unknown evils can be avoided if one worships Lord Narasimmar. It is believed Brammahathi dosha is removed if one takes bath in Narasimma Theertham here according to Sthala Puranam. Devotees offer food to people here as this place is considerably providing punya as Gaya.  

Amman here is called as Amirthavalli.This temple is situated in Vellore to Tiruthani route.


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