Apr 15, 2013

Uthamar Kovil - For a blessed Family Life

Bramma, Sivan and Vishnu can be seen together rarely.Temples which have all these three forms cannot have them as couples.Rarely in a temple called Uthamar Kovil near Trichy all these 3 forms of god can be seen with their godesses along side.


Lord siva, vishnu and Bramma can be seen in a single temple in separate places.Lord Bramma can be seen with Goddess Saraswathi in a separate place having palm pamplets and Jebamalai as people worship her with white cloths and Lotus flower for Good education.Curd rice is offered to Lord Bramma here.Couples who want a blessed family life come here as all 3 gods are seen as couples.

Lord Vishnu can be seen with Poornavalli and Sri Mahalakshmi in a separate place.Food problems will be solved here if one worships these two amman in vishnu temple.

Seven Gurus also can be seen here. they are 

  • Siva Guru Dhakshinamurthy
  • Vishnu guru Varadharajar
  • Guru Bramma
  • Shakthi guru Soundarya Parvathi
  • Gnana guru Subramanyar
  • Guru Vyalan
  • Guru Sukrachariyar
This temple is situated at a distance of 5 kms from trichy on the way to salem.

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