Apr 24, 2013

Thothadri nathan Temple - For victory over enemies

Suyambu perumal can be seen in 8 temples all over india.But most of them are in north india which are closed for half of the year due to snow and cold storms.But in a temple called thothadrinathan temple situated in nanguneri in tirunelveli district, suyambu perumal can be worshipped every day.


11 suyambu gods can be worshipped in this temple as thisis the only place which has this special feature.They are

  • thothadrinathar
  • sri devi
  • poodevi
  • sun
  • moon
  • Birgu maharishi
  • Markandeyar
  • Urvasi
  • Thillothamai   
Sesame oil  abhisegam is done everyday and it is saved in a temple.People who are affected by skin diseases use this oil for applying on skin and in take two three drops for getting cure.After fulfillment of wishes people buy sesame oil and offer it for abhisegam.

Special chakra can be seen in perumal's hand and worshipping this lord will give victory over enemies.Buses from Tirunelveli to Nagerkovil go through nanguneri.

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