Apr 17, 2013

Tamaraikannan Temple - For a child

Temples in india have a simple and separate architectural format.But a temple built on a rock is one among the 108 divya desams and it is situated in a place called thiruvellarai in trichy district.This building style is a rare one.This temple is also called as Pundarikakshan temple.


Couples who are longing for a child pray to lord perumal and amman pangaya selvi.This temple is situated on a rock above 50 feet from ground and there are two ways which are used to worship lord perumal as one is opened during dakshayana and another is opened during utharayanam.Palepeeda thirumanjanam is offered by devotees after fulfillment of wishes.During tamil month of karthigai, couples take bath in manikarniga theertham and take perumals pongal as prasadam for getting a child.

This temple is situated in trichy to duraiyur road at a distance of 20 kms at a place called thiruvellarai.


  1. thank you for information on Tamaraikannan Temple , i wish to visit this temple after reading your blog



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