Apr 9, 2013

Aranganathar Temple - 3 Brammorchavam Festivals

Sri rangam is a sacred place in south india and sri aranganathar temple in sri rangam is so famous  as it is one of the two temples which facing south direction among 108 tirupathi's.


This temple is a suyambu temple as brammorchavam festivals is conducted 3 times in a year.Ramanujar temple here is a special one here.During tamil month of karthigai, valarpirai egadasi 365 bedsheets are offered to lord ranganathar.AAdiperukku festival is another famous festival celebrated here.During garuda panchami, garudalwar was specially worshipped. 30 feet cotton cloth was offered by devotees for garudalwar. sridevi, poodevi and ranganayagi amman can be seen in a single place and it is a special one.  

People pray to lord ranganathar and ranganayagi amman for difficulties in Marriage and getting a child.This temple is situated at a distance of 6 kms from trichy.

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