Apr 12, 2013

Alagiya Manavalar Temple - For beautiful bonding

Couples in this world today are affected by various problems when married as materialistic problems cause havoc in many houses cutting the beautiful bonding between a husband and wife.For simple reasons, couples want to live separately.Today's rules and regulations allow to live a separate life even if  one of the couples is not willing to live together.The other one is affected so much that even f they come together the old bonding go missing.When bonding is cut off, trust also comes down. Alagiya manavalar temple situated in  a place called Urayur in trichy provides a remedy for this.


Amman here is called Kamalavalli and lord perumal who is called as alagiya manavalar blessess devotees as Married Couples.People who want to live with more bonding with their loved one's pray here and offer thiruanjanam after fulfillment of wishes.Sorga vasal is special as only amman is given preference here.

From trichy junction bus stand, this temple is situated at a distance of 5 kms at urayur.

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