Mar 6, 2013

Saranatha Perumal Temple - Equal to Magamagam

12 years once magamagam festival is celebrated in tamil month of masi and in north india, it is celebrated as a huge celebration bringing all sadhus all over india to one place.A temple in thirucherai is so special such that taking bath in sarapushkarani in thirucherai saranathaperumal temple during appearance of planet Guru 12 years once in tamil month of thai, in poosam star is said to be equal to magamagam.


Worshipping lord saranatha perumal here is special such that punya of taking bath in cauvery river for 100 times is blessed here for devotees.

Lord perumal can be seen with sri devi, poodevi, mahalakshmi, saranayagi and neeladevi and this is the only temple among 108 tirupathi temple which has this special feature.The soil of this place is said to be very rich in mineral content.

All buses from kumbakonam to thiruvarur go through this temple. 

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