Mar 1, 2013

Oppiliyappan Temple - For Couples

Today's economy and materialistic approach has separated  several husband and wife's physically and mentally.Nearly 80 percent of couples separate permanently these days as there is no proper guidance for them.Several couples live together in same house but their mind will be separated as they will not make a decision in unity resulting in ego problems causing family disputes.A temple called oppiliyappan temple situated in nageswararam in thanjavur district provides relief for this problems.


Special subrabatham is sung here for this perumal as in tirupathi. During thiruvonam star, before perumal special lamps are lighted as people worship these lamps  Sri mahalakshmi herself comes through the lamps as she is represented for Money and this procedure is called Deepa Dharisanam.Amman is called as Bhoomadevi.

Here every food item will be without salt as a procedure and mark of respect for perumal. Devotees offer Thirumanjanam for lord perumal after fulfillment of prayers.This temple is situated at a distance of 6 kms from kumbakonam in thirunageswaram.


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