Mar 15, 2013

Bhakthavatsala Perumal Temple - For mangalyam

Adhiseshan who serves lord krishna's bed has taken many forms in various avatars as he had got a boon such that he will not get separated from lord krishna wherever he goes whatever form he takes.As he is the king among snakes having 1000 heads, he has the capability of removing ragu-ketu dosha, the serpant planets.In Bhaktavatsala perumal temple situated in thirunindravur in thiruvalllur district of tamilnadu, he blesses devotees from a separate temple.


For women, 8 th house in astrological chart is very important as it is called mangalya sthanam denoting longevity of husband's life.It should not be affected in any way as it will break married life or obstruct one in getting married.People worship adhiseshan on wednesdays by offering payasam, lighting ghee lamps and making an archanai in their names.

This temple is situated on the train route of chennai to thiruvallur  as one has to get down at thirunindravur railway station to reach the temple.


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