Feb 22, 2013

Valvil Raman Temple - For Mercury Dosha

Planet mercury is very important for everyone as it is the one which gives intellectual thinking abilities, good education and new ideas in business.It should not be in debilitated condition or should not be combusted with malefic planets in one's astrological chart as it may cause nerve problems.

There is a temple called Valvil Raman Temple situated in Thirupullabhuthankudi which is a special place that provides remedy for astrological problems caused by mercury.


Pithru parigaram is done here.People who pray for promotion in job worship yoga narasimmar and udyoga narasimmar in this temple.Devotees offer thirumanjanam after fulfillment of prayers.

Amman is called as hemambujavalli.Lord Rama is called as Valvill Raman.This temple is situated on the way from swami malai to thiruvaigavur at a distance of 4 kms.  

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