Feb 11, 2013

Soumya narayana perumal temple - For family money

In this materialistic world money makes the most of the  things that may be good for someone and bad for some other people.For running a family certain amount of money have to be earned every month and even big business people often struggle at certain times when money problem get out of control.Women in every household use to save money in india. whenever a need for family arises she would bring the money for spending. People who want money to be developed in to multiple times can visit a temple called soumya narayana perumal temple situated in a place called thirukostiyur in sivagangai district of tamilnadu.


A suyambu lingam can be seen in front of the temple which is a rare sight.People pray to soumya narayana perumal and sridevi and poo devi by lighting and placing a ghee lamp before perumal and ghee lamp is taken to house where it will be kept in a box with some money and thulasi as it is believed to be a way to earn stable amount of money for family purposes.

Devotees pray to lord krishna who is called as "prarthanai kannan" for getting a child.

The temple vimana structure is in the form of "omnamonarayanaya" mantra as it is so special as devotees prayers are believed to be answered soon.

This temple is situated at thirukostiyur at a distance of 8 kms from a place called thiruputhur.Thiruputhur is situated at a distance of 62 kms from madurai.  

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