Feb 27, 2013

Sarangapani Temple - For direct mukthi

Every year in perumal temples, swarga vasal, a special door will be opened during vaigunda egadasi day so that people who are worshipping lord perumal on that day will get immense benefits after life in earth.But in one temple, even if a devotees worships lord perumal and amman on any day, he will attain mukthi, the state of no rebirth.A temple called sarangapani temple situated in kumbakonam in thanjavur district have this speciality.


This is the temple where lord perumal had blessed his devotee nathamuni for finding "nalayira thivya prabandam", four thousand songs sung by alwar about perumal.Amman is called komalavalli and komatha worship is specially conducted in amman temple only as she is the special diety here.

This temple is situated in middle town of kumbakonam in kumbakonam to thanjavur route.

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