Feb 10, 2013

Benefits of worshipping anjaneya

Lord hanuman  who is fondly called as anjaneya is believed to be a form of lord siva and his tail is worshipped with him specially as Goddess parvathi is believed to be staying in it as per puranas. Lord anjaneya's strength is believed to be in his tail.Navagragas are believed to be in his tail.Proper worship of his picture will bring immense benefits to all in the family. Worshiping lord anjaneya's picture by applying santhanam and kumkum in his tail for 48 days is equal to navagraga pooja.

Another method is applying santhanam and kumkum at the starting point of tail in lord anjaneya's picture on the first day and applying santhanam and kumkum near by  the next day and have to follow the procedure till the last end of the tail.On the day when reaching the last point of tail of applying santhanam and kukum, vadaimalai should be offered to lord anjaneya and anjaneya nama and rama nama should be recited.This method will bring victory in future events.    

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