Jan 25, 2013

Vedharajan Temple - For money problems

Lord perumal is a known god for everyone in india as he is considered to be the quickest one in giving blessings to devotees as heard in todays life.Tirupathi is an excellent example for this as people wait 2-3 days  in line to visit lord perumal along with his wifes'.There is a temple called edharajar temple where lord perumal blesses devotees with money when needed.


People worship Lord perumal with amman amirthavalli for finding a way to solve money problems.People offer thirumanjanam and thulasi after fulfillment of their wishes.

This temple is situated in a place called thirunagari in nagapattinam district  which is 2 kms away from thiruvaali.Thiruvaali  is situated on seergali to poombugar road at a distance of 9 kms.

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