Jan 16, 2013

Sondararaja perumal - For kalasarpha dosha

Some special temples stand beyond centuries and exist for a long time blessing devotees in a special manner. Blessings of Adhiseshan who is the bed for lord vishnu can give remedy from ragu and ketu who are causing kalasarpha dosha when all planets are  caught between them causing severe troubles can be found rarely.One such temple where adhiseshan got the blessings of lord vishnu is there in nagapattinam.


Lord vishnu who is here for four yugas blesses devotees as soundraraja perumal with amman soundravalli. Devotees offer thirumanjanam and thulasi malai after fulfillment of their wishes.

Ashtapuja narasimmar: Narasimmar can be seen here as astapuja narasimmar with eight hands protecting devotees from evil things.

Ashtapuja Durgai: Durgai here is so powerful here and married women worship durgai for protection.

From nagapattinam busstand temple can be found in south side.

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