Jan 27, 2013

Benefits of worshipping Ganapathy

Lord Ganapathy who is worshipped by people as the first divine cosmic presence for starting a day's work  without any obstacles can be seen in 16 types of forms each providing solutions for different types of purposes.

Bala Ganapathy - For removing any dosha 
Dharuna Ganapathy - For getting beautiful face
Bhakthi Ganapathy - For getting blessings of upasana god
Veera Ganapathy - For getting courage and self confidence
Shakthi Ganapathy - For healthy Body
Thuvija Ganapathy - For removing money problems
Siddhi Ganapathy - For getting success in all purposes
Ucchista Ganapathy - For getting high position in office and in life
Vignaraja Ganapathy - For getting good profit in agriculture
Shibra Ganapathy - For higher studies in education
Heyramba Ganapathy - For excelling in sports
Lakshmi Ganapathy - For getting money flow and material flow
Maga Ganapathy - For establishing business
Bhuvanesa Ganapathy -For getting victory in court case
Nirutha Ganapathy - For excelling in music and ancient shastra
Urthuva Ganapathy - For good married life 

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