Jan 21, 2013

Badrinarayanar Temple - For Rajayoga

In one's astrological chart kendras and trikona's  are the important houses from lagna for deciding one's  destiny.Planets Jupiter and Saturn are considered as raja yoga planets deciding one's fate.People who are blessed with purvapunya in their previous births only get rajayogas and are in very small number.Ordinary people can visit a temple called badrinarayanar temple in thirumadamani koil in nagapattinam district to get raja yoga's in life.


In all 365 days sunlight falls on badrinarayanar.Three perumal's can be found in one single temple as it is said to be a special one.Lord badrinarayanar here is said to be blessing devotees with knowledge of light here.

People has to reach annankovil first and have to take auto from there.annankovil is in the route of seergali to karaikal.

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