Jan 30, 2013

Senganmal Ranganathar Temple - For government jobs

For earning people have to work somewhere and jobs are a way to earn some money.Some people work in private companies. some people work in government sector.Even in government sector, higher posts are there and very  few get the chance to work in those positions.People who are working in public sector can visit senganmal ranganathar temple situated in thiruthetriyambalam in nagapattinam district.


People who want higher positions in public sector can worship senganmal perumal and amman sengamalavalli for occupying higher positions in office.Devotees offer pongal and thulasi archanai for lord perumal and amman after fulfillment of prayers.

This temple is situated in seergali to nagapattinam route at thirunangur at a distance of 6 kms. 

Jan 28, 2013

Deivanayagar Temple - For marriage

Marriage is said to be a god's gift these days and in one's astrology birth chart clear indication is there regarding this and astrologers who are having divine gift will clearly indicate whether one have the purvapunya, bhagya to have a good married life in this life.There is a temple in a place called thirunthevanarthogai in nagapattinam district which provides the blessings of lord perumal and amman kadal magal nachiyar for the devotees who want a good married life.


People who want a good married life at the young age worship lord perumal and amman and offer thirumanjanam and new clothes after fulfillment of their prayers.This temple is situated at a distance of 6 kms from seergali.

Jan 27, 2013

Benefits of worshipping Ganapathy

Lord Ganapathy who is worshipped by people as the first divine cosmic presence for starting a day's work  without any obstacles can be seen in 16 types of forms each providing solutions for different types of purposes.

Bala Ganapathy - For removing any dosha 
Dharuna Ganapathy - For getting beautiful face
Bhakthi Ganapathy - For getting blessings of upasana god
Veera Ganapathy - For getting courage and self confidence
Shakthi Ganapathy - For healthy Body
Thuvija Ganapathy - For removing money problems
Siddhi Ganapathy - For getting success in all purposes
Ucchista Ganapathy - For getting high position in office and in life
Vignaraja Ganapathy - For getting good profit in agriculture
Shibra Ganapathy - For higher studies in education
Heyramba Ganapathy - For excelling in sports
Lakshmi Ganapathy - For getting money flow and material flow
Maga Ganapathy - For establishing business
Bhuvanesa Ganapathy -For getting victory in court case
Nirutha Ganapathy - For excelling in music and ancient shastra
Urthuva Ganapathy - For good married life 

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Jan 25, 2013

Vedharajan Temple - For money problems

Lord perumal is a known god for everyone in india as he is considered to be the quickest one in giving blessings to devotees as heard in todays life.Tirupathi is an excellent example for this as people wait 2-3 days  in line to visit lord perumal along with his wifes'.There is a temple called edharajar temple where lord perumal blesses devotees with money when needed.


People worship Lord perumal with amman amirthavalli for finding a way to solve money problems.People offer thirumanjanam and thulasi after fulfillment of their wishes.

This temple is situated in a place called thirunagari in nagapattinam district  which is 2 kms away from thiruvaali.Thiruvaali  is situated on seergali to poombugar road at a distance of 9 kms.

Jan 23, 2013

Alagiya singar Temple - For wealth

Narasimma temples are rare but visiting them with honesty will give immense benefits for devotees.There are pancha narasimma temples and one cannot visit all those temples in one day.But visiting alagiya singar temple situated in a place called thiruvali in nagapattinam district will give the same blessings of lord narasimmar.


People worship lord alagiya singar and amman poornavalli for getting wealth.Devotees offer thirumanjanam and thulasi malai after fulfillment of their wishes.This is also called as lakshmi narasimma shetram as lord narasimmar can be worshipped with goddess lakshmi here.

This temple is situated at a place called thiruvaali in nagapattinam district.

Jan 21, 2013

Badrinarayanar Temple - For Rajayoga

In one's astrological chart kendras and trikona's  are the important houses from lagna for deciding one's  destiny.Planets Jupiter and Saturn are considered as raja yoga planets deciding one's fate.People who are blessed with purvapunya in their previous births only get rajayogas and are in very small number.Ordinary people can visit a temple called badrinarayanar temple in thirumadamani koil in nagapattinam district to get raja yoga's in life.


In all 365 days sunlight falls on badrinarayanar.Three perumal's can be found in one single temple as it is said to be a special one.Lord badrinarayanar here is said to be blessing devotees with knowledge of light here.

People has to reach annankovil first and have to take auto from there.annankovil is in the route of seergali to karaikal.

Jan 18, 2013

Gopalakrishnan Temple - Equal to dwaraka

Dwaraka is the birth place of lord krishna which is currently situated in north india.All people cannot visit it as it is too long for even people in south india.There is a temple in a place called kavalambadi in nagapattinam district where one can get the blessings of lord krishna along with bama and rukmani.


Lord krishna can be seen with wives bama and rukmani. People who are longing for a child pray to lord krishna here.Devotees offer butter and payasam after fulfillment of prayers.

This temple is situated in the route of seergali to poombugar near kavalambadi.

Jan 16, 2013

Sondararaja perumal - For kalasarpha dosha

Some special temples stand beyond centuries and exist for a long time blessing devotees in a special manner. Blessings of Adhiseshan who is the bed for lord vishnu can give remedy from ragu and ketu who are causing kalasarpha dosha when all planets are  caught between them causing severe troubles can be found rarely.One such temple where adhiseshan got the blessings of lord vishnu is there in nagapattinam.


Lord vishnu who is here for four yugas blesses devotees as soundraraja perumal with amman soundravalli. Devotees offer thirumanjanam and thulasi malai after fulfillment of their wishes.

Ashtapuja narasimmar: Narasimmar can be seen here as astapuja narasimmar with eight hands protecting devotees from evil things.

Ashtapuja Durgai: Durgai here is so powerful here and married women worship durgai for protection.

From nagapattinam busstand temple can be found in south side.

Jan 14, 2013

Sowriraja Perumal - Mumoorthy Darshan

Tirupathi which is famous for Lord perumal is also famous for the sweet "lattu" offered as prasadam.Every temple has its own famous things in it.Like that a temple is so famous for  prasadham which is offered for the devotees  called "muniyotharan pongal" as lord perumal can be seen in the form of mumoorthy - siva,bramma and vishnu during tamil month of "vaigasi" where devotees get special blessings.


Lord perumal can be seen with hair in his head as it is the only temple which has the special form.

This temple can be reached by going from mayiladuthurai to thirupugalur via channa nallur and from there one has to travel 2 kms further to reach this temple.

Jan 11, 2013

Loganatha Perumal - For child birth

In some temples, lord krishna's blessings are more and ancient sages had identified every temple with some  special powers and for the welfare of human beings of future generation they protect it by passing it to the future lineage.One such temple situated in thirukannankudi is so famous for people who are in need of blessings for getting a child.


People who are praying for a child especially newly married couples come here and worship lord krishna and amman loganayagi. palpayasam is offered as food for lord krishna by devotees after their fulfillment of their wishes.

This temple is situated in nagapattinam to thiruvarur at a distance of 8 kms and one has to get down at aaliyur bus stop and from there one has to travel one and half km south to reach this temple. 

Jan 9, 2013

Puroshothamar Temple - 48 days sahasranama

People in this world pray to almighty to get rid of their problems as quickly as possible without realising that insufficient purvapunya is the one which makes all people to suffer.A temple situated in a place called thiruvanpurushotamam in nagapattinam district is so special such that prayers submitted by devotees with honest are answered in 48 days.


People conduct 48 days sahasranama pooja for any problem that affect them.After 47 days, on the 48th day    special pooja is conducted and people afer fulfillment of their wishes offer thirumanjanam and new clothes for lord perumal and amman purushothamavalli.

This temple is situated at a distance of 9 kms from seergali and buses are available regularly.It is situated at a distance of 2 kms from annankovil.  

Jan 7, 2013

Vaigundanathar Temple - Equal to vaigundam

Vaigundam is the divine place where lord vishnu along with sri mahalakshmi stays and blesses the living things  living in earthly world.Aegadasi fasting is a method of fasting on a particular day for getting the blessings of lord vishnu to enter vaigundam after death where lord vishnu is abiding.Ther is a temple which is equal to vaigundam where  people can get the blessings of lord vishnu to live a heavenly life.


People who want to live peaceful life in a family with unity worship lord perumal and amman vaigunthavalli here. After fulfillment of wishes, people offer thirumannjana abhisegam, new clothes and thulasi to lord vishnu.

 This temple is situated at a place called thirunangur which is 1 km away from annankovil.One has to travel  7 kms in seergali to nagapattinam route to reach annankovil.

Jan 6, 2013


Sri Vaariyar Swamigal talks in detail about the significance of 18-steps.Eighteen is considered as the code number to break into the soul of the Nature. The significance of 18 can be traced back to the Vedic age. The first Veda, believed to be protected by Lord Brahma himself, had 18 chapters. Later, Veda Vyasa divided it to create the four vedas: Rigveda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharava Veda. Each of these vedas had 18 chapters.Veda Vyasa also wrote 18 puranas and 18 upa-puranas. The Bhagavad Gita has 18 chapters and the Kurukshetra war lasted 18 days”…

Pathinettapadi (18 divine steps) to the sanctum sanctorium is divine in all aspects. Initially the 18 steps were made of granite. It was later covered with Panchaloha in the year 1985 to prevent it from deterioration. As per the tradition, ONLY those who undertake the penance for 41 days and those who carry the IRUMUDI on their head are allowed to use the steps.

1st step- Getting knowledge and consciousness to make think is called first step.
2nd step- The bhakters ultimate consciousness is second step. Dvaita & advaita are same. Advaita means God & Dvaita means soul.
3rd step- vision or insight, imagination, understand, act, excercise, law to be connected with intellect.
4th step- pure consciousness image of knowledge it refers.
5th step- not in pure form & enlightened like bhagavathi gods form.
6th – past several births (purva janam) goodness if we climb sixth step and we can see lord shiva.
7th step- will-power, we will have will-power to get god blessing
8th step- yaga inner form. rahoyagam.
9th step- supreme celestial light , “paramjyothis” in order today also “makara jyothi” is seen.
10th step- meditating and knowing universal supreme lord.
11th step- ascetic meditating. God and devotee uniting.
12th step- samadhi non dualistic state of consciousness.
13th step- atma, soul changes happens.
14th step- supreme brahma, indicates knowledge person god subramanian. Ultimate supreme brahma is also called this step.
15th step- nadabrahma means ecstasy continues.
16th step- jyothiswarupa- illumination of god. A supreme effulgence, the proper form of god.
17th step- trigunathitha means tri characters of god
18th step – which is considered as parama feet- the ultimate supreme feet of lord ayyappa swamy.

Jan 4, 2013

Parimala ranganathar Temple - For aegadasi

Fasting for fulfilment of human desire is a regular habit of families in india. Devotees who want a heavenly life obbserve a fasting called aegadasi which is related to lord vishnu.There is a temple called parimala ranganathar temple in a place called thiru inthalur where people who want to start aegadasi fasting come and pray for conducting aegadasi in a proper manner without any obstacles.


This is the place where aegadasi fasting got its speciality.People who want to start aegadasi fasting come here and worship lord perumal and amman parimala ranganayagi for conducting it in a proper manner.
Thulasi is offered to lord perumal by devotees after fulfillment of their wishes.

This temple is situated at a distance of 2 kms from mayiladuthurai at a place called thiru inthalur.

Jan 2, 2013

Kudamadu Koothan Temple - For happy family

All families consists of several members from two to two hundred.Joint families are fast disappearing and single families especially newly married couples are fast appearing nowadays due to modernised developed india. But no one knows about the happiness when joint families are there and the value they carried with them with unity.People who are not having a happy family can visit a temple called kudamadu koothan temple in thirunangur in nagapattinam district.


People who are not happy with their family members can come and visit lord perumal and amman amirthavalli and pray for a happy family with unity.

This temple is situated at a distance of 8 kms from seergali near annankovil in thirunangur in nagapattinam district of tamilnadu.

Jan 1, 2013

OMSIVASIVAOM - A Siva Mantra that seems to work Wounders


A siva mantra seems to be offering quick results when it is recited properly. The mantra is called as "OMSIVASIVAOM".

 It seems to reduce our karma and the proper ways of reciting it described as follows.

  1. The person who recites this mantra should be 21 years old.
  2. The person reciting the mantra should avoid Non veg food.
  3. A new yellow colour cloth should be used to sit for reciting it.
  4. One should start reciting it on no moon or amavasai day is a better day for starting it. 
  5. Reciting it in temples of  Lord siva will be very beneficial.

Om is the moola mantra for siddhar thirumoolar. Omsivasivaom consists of shakthi mantra. om is a single letter mantra appear 2 times and siva mantra siva appear 2 times and this is the mantra that have sivashakthi equally. omsivasivaom is the mantra for devotees having a family.

Expanation for origin of omsivasivaom mantra in tamil  - http://www.aanmigakkadal.com/2013/04/blog-post_5.html


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