Dec 5, 2012

Sonvannam seitha perumal - Equal for all

Every idol in temple around india are installed as per instructions in manuals and rituals are conducted up to this day.In some temples, main deity has been installed in some different way such that it gives as different and special result when devotees worship them.A temple in a place called thiruvekka in kanchipuram is one of them.


Usually Lord perumal has been installed from left to right.But in this temple, it can be seen as from right to left 
From ancient times it has been said that all types of genuine prayers are answered here by perumal when devotees pray here.

Devotees conduct a ritual called thirumanjanam after their fulfilment of wishes.This temple is situated on the way from audisonpet to varatharaja perumal temple in kanchipuram  

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