Dec 9, 2012

Simple remedy for blessings of GURU

One of the navagraga planets is guru and if it is in debilitated state in one's birth chart intellect will be severely affected. A simple remedy can get the blessings of guru.A temple called vyalasomeswarar  temple situated in kumbakonam near aathi kumbeswarar temple is one of the remedial temples where some simple remedial procedures can turn one's life.It is important for one to avoid non veg during the 12 weeks or completion of 12 poojas where pooja is conducted.Pooja can be conducted on thursdays during 5-8 pm.Pooja can be conducted in local siva temples for 11 weeks and last week strictly  in vyalasomeswarar temple.

turmeric, kumkum, milk, santhanam, garland made of only yellow flowers,  new yellow cloth, konadaikadalai(in tamil) are the things needed for this.

Steps to be followed
1)worship main diety
2)chant omsivasivaom mantra
3)make an archanai before main diety
4)offer abhisegam to guru(jupiter) in navagraga temple
5)offer kondaikadalai to guru
6)offer yellow cloth to guru
7)offer yellow flowers to guru
8)offer money to temple priest as a fees for conducting pooja
9)save abhisega water and bring it to house and mix it with house water while taking bath.

In 12th week, in vyalasomeswarar temple, abhisegam to main diety should be conducted first and pooja should be conducted for guru as usual after it.One of nine navagraga planets is GURU.

Dhakshinamurthy is not GURU.

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