Dec 19, 2012

Koodalalagar Temple - For victory

Every people wish for victory in their day today things.But only small amount of wishes come true and sometimes some important things that do good for a family does not happen.People who are honest can visit koodalalagar temple in madurai district which is 2000 years old.


Astanga vimanam is a temple structure constructed in the mantra form of "om namo narayanaya" that gives so much purva punya for the devotees who worship it.Koodalalagar temple is one of the two temples out of 108 tirupathis thathas it.

A song which is recited every day in tamil month of margali which starts as "pallandu pallandu pallayirathandu" is originally created here in this temple only.

People pray for victory here and offer milk pot abhisegam for maduravalli amman along with perumal who is specially called as "vyuga sundararajar" due to planning for a victory during war like situations.

This temple is situated near madurai railway station.

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