Dec 31, 2012

Devadhirajan Temple - For marriage

Marriage is a distant dream for 60 percent of people all over the world and people always seek to find a way as a remedy.For people who want a good married life, they can visit devadhirajan temple situated in theralundur in nagapattinam district of tamilnadu.


Lord perumal here is made up of saligram, a special and precious material and  people who want to get married at the right age worship lord perumal and amman with thulasi.People who are specialised in cow farm worship the lord for welfare of cows.

This temple is situated at a distance of 10 kms from mayiladuthurai to kumbakonam at a place called theralundur.

Dec 30, 2012

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Dec 28, 2012

Naanmathia Perumal Temple - For chandra dosha

People who have moon in 6,8,12 th houses from lagna or in debilitated condition face severe hardships in making right decisions as their mind become very confused. A temple called naanmathia perumal temple situated in a place called thalachangadu in nagapattinam district provides remedy for this problem.


Lord perumal is called chandira sabaharar as devotees get remedy from chandra dosha by worshipping him and amman sengamalavalli.After fulfillment of wishes, thirumanjanam and thulasi are offered by devotees.

This temple is situated at a distance of 15 kms from seergali to karaikal at thalachangadu.From there on has to travel 2 kms in west side to reach this temple. 

Dec 26, 2012

Thirivikraman Temple - For separated couples

In today's world due to less exposure and less maturity even newly married couples quarrel with each other and in some cases, due to old enmity between two families these couples are separated and after sometime it leads to divorce.In some cases due to ignorance couples adamantly want to live separately without realising value of living together. Thiriviraman temple in seergali is a temple for remedy for these problems.


People before doing vaasthu pooja, bring some soil land here and worship lord thirivikrama narayanar and loganayagi for welfare of the land.

Mahalakshmi holds lord perumal  within her chest as it is a special one and people especially separated couples worship her for living together.

This temple is situated at a distance of 2 kms from seergali on the way tochidambaram.


Dec 24, 2012

Perarulalan Temple - For getting rich

Poverty can be seen in any period in this world irrespective of country.In ancient times, temples are specifically built for specific purposes and mostly used for curing peoples illness and poverty.One of the temples of lord perumal is special for people who are affected by poverty and provides a way to earn wealth.


Lord perumal himself had built this temple.Amman is called as alli malar nachiyar.People who worship lord perumal who is called as perarulalan here are blessed with wealth through a business.Devotees offer thirumanjanam and new clothes to lord perumal and amman after fulfillment of their wishes.

This temple is situated in a place called semponar kovil in nagapattinam district.One has to go from seergali to nagapattinam route to a place called annan kovil and have to  go 3 kms further to reach this temple.

Dec 23, 2012

Different types of Pradosham and benefits

Pradosham is basically during 4.30 to 6.00 pm and worship of lord siva is done two times every month.There are different types of prodosham that provide immense benefits to all people.

1.Nithya Pradosham

 The daily time before 90 minutes of sunset is called as nithya pradosham.Worshiiping lord siva will bring good things in life.

2.Divya Pradosham

During pradosham, if it comes with thuvathasi and thrayothasi tithi, it is called as divya pradosham.Worshiping maragatha lingam at this time will remove previous birth karma, bring benefit in court cases, will bring good bonding between husband and wife.Panchaloga lingam can also be used for this worship.

3.Deepa pradosham

Saturday pradosham on thrayodasi tithi is called as deepa pradosham which is also called as mahapradosham.During this day, one can light lamps in numbers of his age.

4.Saptharishi pradosham

After pradosha pooja, one can stand on east side and can look at sky and can worship mentally remembering great sages and this type of worship is called saptharishi pradosham.

5.Aegatchara pradosham:

Maha pradosham that comes only one time in a year is called as aegatchara pradosham.During this day, one can chant "OM" in siva temples that will remove crore doshas.

6.Arthanari pradosham:

Maha pradosham that comes two times in a year, it is called arthanari pradosham.Separated couples who worship lord siva on these days will start living together.

7.Thirikarana pradosham:

Maha pradosham that comes 3 times in a year is called as thirikarana pradosham.People who worship on these days will get blessings of ashtalakshmi.

8.Bramma pradosham:

Pradosham of four saturdays is called as bramma pradosham.People are blessed with removal of ancestors curse and removal of previous karma when they worship Lord siva on these days.

9.Atcharaba pradosham:

If Mahapradosham comes 5 times in a year it is called as atcharaba pradosham.People who did wrong knowingly can worship Lord siva on these days for removal of sins.

10.Kandha pradosham:

The pradosham day that comes on thrayodhasi tithi on krithigai star is called as kandha pradosham.People who worship lord muruga can worship Lord siva on this day.

11.Jadjapraba pradosham:

Seven mahapradosham during one year is called as jadjapraba pradosham.People who worship Lord siva on these days will be blessed for no rebirth.

12.Astathik pradosham:

Eight mahapradosham during a year is called as astathik pradosham and people will get long, famous life if they worship Lord siva on these days.  .

13.Navagraga pradosham:

Nine mahapradosham during a year is called as navagraga pradosham and people will be blessed with removal of navagraga dosha if they worship Lord siva on these days.

14.Thutha pradosham:

Ten mahapradosham during a year is called as thutha pradosham and one will be blessed with the best things in life, if they worship Lord siva on these days.

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Dec 21, 2012

Kallalagar Temple - For rain

Rain is an important source of water for all living beings and various plans are formulated to save rain which is very useful in reducing dependence of well water and river water for all the purposes in india.Due to discontinuance of certain rituals which has scientific importance due to various reasons like  unavailabilty of funds to run the temple lead to uneven monsoon that destroy agriculture which is the basic economy of india.

People who are in need of rain come here and pray to kallalagar for good rainfall as agriculture depends on mostly rain water in south india.


Karppanaswamy: A special deity called "pathittampadi karuppu" which is the god of protection for this temple is so famous for its power as devotees worship him for bringing the truth in problems which has no evidence.

People who are doing agriculture offer first paddy rice to kallalagar as a mark of respect for the good harvest in coming seasons.

Alagar dosai:

Spices offered by devotees are collected and grided and dosa, a south indian breakfast dish is offered which is a mix of various spices grown in madurai.

This temple is situated in a place called alagar kovil which is 20 kms away from madurai.

Dec 19, 2012

Koodalalagar Temple - For victory

Every people wish for victory in their day today things.But only small amount of wishes come true and sometimes some important things that do good for a family does not happen.People who are honest can visit koodalalagar temple in madurai district which is 2000 years old.


Astanga vimanam is a temple structure constructed in the mantra form of "om namo narayanaya" that gives so much purva punya for the devotees who worship it.Koodalalagar temple is one of the two temples out of 108 tirupathis thathas it.

A song which is recited every day in tamil month of margali which starts as "pallandu pallandu pallayirathandu" is originally created here in this temple only.

People pray for victory here and offer milk pot abhisegam for maduravalli amman along with perumal who is specially called as "vyuga sundararajar" due to planning for a victory during war like situations.

This temple is situated near madurai railway station.

Dec 17, 2012

Kalamegaperumal Temple - Moksha deepam

Lighting lamps in temples are special.Lighting lamps for ancestors in special festival days bring ancestors blessing which are equal to blessings of god are very much needed these days as people begun to neglect the oldest rituals which bring good things to the family.

A temple called kalamega perumal temple in a place called thirumokur in madurai is famous for moksha deepa as people come here to light it to get ancestors blessings.


Mogana shetram:

People who are feeling sad about external beauty come here and worship rathi and manmathan here as lord perumal had blessed devotees in form of mogini.Males worship manmathan and females worship rathi by offering santhanam, kalkandu and light lamps.


sakkarathalvar is special here as it is very old which is said to be very powerful as mantra's had been installed in it.

This temple is situated at a distance of 10 kms from madurai at a place called thirumokur

Dec 16, 2012

Siva simmasanam

Siva simmasanam, a chair specially made for worshipping lord siva comprises of  all types of yantras, 25 thousand rudraksham, navaratnas, medicines made by siddhars, valampuri vinayagar, idampuri vinayagar, valampuri sangu, rudraksham from one face to 21 faces, madurai meenakshi amman, saptha kanni can be worshipped in sivasakthi peedam in muthukalipatti in namakkal district of tamilnadu in india.  

This simmasanam is worshipped in sacred places like chidambaram and kasi.

Benefits of worshipping siva simmasanam
1.removal of ancestors curse
2.removal of women's curse
3.blessings of  kuladeva 
4.removal of marriage problems
5.removal of problems in education
6.removal of problems in getting children
7.removal of problems in finance
8.removal of problems in health

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Dec 14, 2012

Adikesava Perumal temple - For avoiding rebirth

People who suffer by sudden disasters, diseases and money problems are pushed towards finding a way to escape from the clutches of destiny as it is the one which determines one's life.Due to positive karma in previous births, some people find the way by worshipping specific temples for avoiding rebirth in this planetary earth.One such temple which contains lord perumal  made of 16008 saligrams, a special stone is providing remedy for people who want to avoid  rebirth.


This temple is said to be more than 3000 years old and also it is very powerful  as it is west faced overseeing the famous thiruvananthapuram ananthapathmanabaswamy temple. People offer thirumanjana abhisegam after the fulfillment of their wishes.12 siva temples are situated around this temple and devotees worship all this temples by running a marathon and finally worship lord adikesavaperumal and lord siva at his feet.

This temple is situated at a place called thiruvattaru in kanyakumari district and is situated at a distance of 30 kms from nagerkovil.

Dec 12, 2012

Thirvalmarban temple - For richness

Thirupathi is a famous pilgrimage center in india and swarnagarsana yantra installed there bring all people and most people have travelled atleast once to thirupathi. Many devotees offer prayers for fulfillment of their wishes and sometimes they are unable to offer their prayers due to external circumstances.People who are unable to visit tirupathi can visit thiruvalmarban temple in kanyakumari.


Sri mahalakshmi has been installed in the chest of main deity as thiruvalmarban can be seen with a gold plated chain with lakshmi's face inscribed in it.Devotees pray to thiruvalmarban for wishes related to finance.After fulfillment of wishes devotees offer thirumanjanam and new clothes.

This temple is situated at a distance of 10 kms from nagerkovil from meenatchipuram bus stand and is in kanyakumari district.  

Dec 10, 2012

Neer vanna perumal - Bala narasimmar

Lord Narasimmar is one of the fiercest form of lord vishnu and narasimmar had taken the form to save his disciple pragalada from pragalada's  father who wanted to kill pragalada for worshipping sri maha vishnu. Such simplicity is one of the fascinating aspects of lord mahavishnu who had taken nine forms for different reasons.For a devotee, lord maha vishnu had shown four types of dharshans in a temple situated in a hill temple near a place called thiruneermalai in kanchipuram district.


Lord perumal can be seen in four forms as neervanna perumal, narasimmar, ranganathar, ulagalanda perumal here.Neervanna perumal can be seen in the temple below hill and all others in hill temple. 

Balanarasimmar: Lord narasimmar can be seen in the form of a calm child in hill temple.

Girivalam: During full moon day, devotees go girivalam by going round this hill.This hill is said to be a suyambu which means created itself.Unmarried girls do giripradhachanam here.

Devotees offer thirumanjanam and new clothes to lord perumal and amman animamalarmangai after fulfillment of their wishes.

From chennai, thiruneermalai is situated at a distance of 10 kms as people go to pallavaram and from there to thiruneermalai.

Dec 9, 2012

Simple remedy for blessings of GURU

One of the navagraga planets is guru and if it is in debilitated state in one's birth chart intellect will be severely affected. A simple remedy can get the blessings of guru.A temple called vyalasomeswarar  temple situated in kumbakonam near aathi kumbeswarar temple is one of the remedial temples where some simple remedial procedures can turn one's life.It is important for one to avoid non veg during the 12 weeks or completion of 12 poojas where pooja is conducted.Pooja can be conducted on thursdays during 5-8 pm.Pooja can be conducted in local siva temples for 11 weeks and last week strictly  in vyalasomeswarar temple.

turmeric, kumkum, milk, santhanam, garland made of only yellow flowers,  new yellow cloth, konadaikadalai(in tamil) are the things needed for this.

Steps to be followed
1)worship main diety
2)chant omsivasivaom mantra
3)make an archanai before main diety
4)offer abhisegam to guru(jupiter) in navagraga temple
5)offer kondaikadalai to guru
6)offer yellow cloth to guru
7)offer yellow flowers to guru
8)offer money to temple priest as a fees for conducting pooja
9)save abhisega water and bring it to house and mix it with house water while taking bath.

In 12th week, in vyalasomeswarar temple, abhisegam to main diety should be conducted first and pooja should be conducted for guru as usual after it.One of nine navagraga planets is GURU.

Dhakshinamurthy is not GURU.

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Dec 7, 2012

Pavalavanna perumal - For Money

Money in this world plays an important role and for trade purposes every country from ancient times begun to print their logos in metals and due to change of time printed notes are available.Due to bad dasha or bhukthi, money flow will get less creating new problems in a family.A temple in thirupavalavannam in kanchipuram provides an easy remedy.


People worship pavalavannaperumal and pavalavalli amman here by taking bath in chakra theertham first and  offer  special abhisegams for free flow of money.

This temple is situated in east direction near kanchi   egambareswarar temple and is one km from kanchipuram bus stand.

Dec 5, 2012

Sonvannam seitha perumal - Equal for all

Every idol in temple around india are installed as per instructions in manuals and rituals are conducted up to this day.In some temples, main deity has been installed in some different way such that it gives as different and special result when devotees worship them.A temple in a place called thiruvekka in kanchipuram is one of them.


Usually Lord perumal has been installed from left to right.But in this temple, it can be seen as from right to left 
From ancient times it has been said that all types of genuine prayers are answered here by perumal when devotees pray here.

Devotees conduct a ritual called thirumanjanam after their fulfilment of wishes.This temple is situated on the way from audisonpet to varatharaja perumal temple in kanchipuram  

Dec 3, 2012

Ashtapuja perumal temple - For real estate people

People who are anywhere in this world want to live in their own house for at least sometime of their life time and in this materialistic world it is not very easy to get their own house due to severe economic problems.People who are in need of land for building a house, people who are buying fertile fields, people who are facing problems in their own houses due to unknown problems can visit a temple called ashtapuja perumal in kanchipuram.


People who are facing problems related to land can visit and worship ashtapuja perumal by doing thirumanjanam and offering new clothes.

This temple is situated in small kanchipuram, thirukachi nambigal street in kanchipuram.

Dec 2, 2012

Simple remedy for removing bad name

Many people in this world are trying to live a honest life. But bad dasha/bhukthi comes for everyone and good people who do not lie for even simple things are affected by others who want to escape from their faults.People who are honest working in any  private or public companies or on their own can follow a simple method to prove the truth.The main  thing to be followed strictly is they have to be honest in their life and should not eat non vegetarian food.People who are affected by unnecessary allegations in their life should worship lord siva as the first person before anyone every morning in near by siva temple during tamil month of margali

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