Nov 30, 2012

Varatharaja perumal temple - atthi vardhar

Every deity in idol form  any temple of india can be seen at least once a year for benefit of devotees.But in vartharaja perumal temple situated in kanchipuram, a rare idol made of atthi tree is worshipped only once in 40 years.This idol is kept in waters in other periods.


Atthi vardhar : People worship him for getting money.

sudharsana alwar: People worship him and perumal installed here for getting marriage.

Perundevi thayar: Married women worship her for getting good health.

Gold lizard: people worship the gold lizards for removing any dosha that comes due to fall of lizards unexpectedly.

Kanchipuram idli: In 6 am pooja kanchipuram idli is used for worshipping perumal as it is followed from ancient times.

This temple is situated at the middle of kanchipuram town.

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