Oct 11, 2012

Vallabeswarar Temple - For memory loss

Memory is an important one for everyone as it is very essential for doing daily activities. Loss of memory will lead to life affecting problems.Loss of documents during  registration of physical assets, loss of certificates for an interview, loss of knowledge  during exams certainly affects every one.

A temple called vallabeswarar temple situated in a place called thirukoodalaiyatrur in cuddalore district is so useful for people having memory loss as children pray for good memory for getting good marks in exams.


Amman here is in two temples. One is called Gnanasakthi and parasakthi.In gnana sakthi temple kumkum is offered as prasadam and in parasakthi temple viputhi is given as prasadam.Children pray lord siva and amman for getting good knowledge through good education.  

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