Oct 23, 2012

Theerthapureeswarar Temple - Seven rivers in One place

In some places two or three rivers join together to flow as one and places like bhavani amman temple near erode in tamilnadu is so famous such that three rivers join together and flow as one.Temples built at those places are very powerful to give positive vibrations for devotees who worship them.

A temple situated in a place called thiruvattathurai in cuddalore district is so famous as it is said 7 rivers had taken the form of vadavellaru for helping the sages tho worship lord siva.


People who had lost their partners especially women come here for mental peace after one year  through a special way called magam vasal.

Lord siva is called theerthapureeswarar and amman is called thiripura sundari.This temple is stuated in viruthasalam to thittakudi route at a distance of 22 kms near a busstop called kodikalam.

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