Oct 20, 2012

Patanjaleeswarar Temple - Respect in Job

In today's world respect is given by people by evaluating their richness that may include metals like gold, movable assets like cars, bikes and immovable assets like land.People who are not having the richness expect respect at least in their job. But even there  everyone cannot expect respect especially from elders.

People who are having trouble in their working place can visit a temple called patanjaleeswarar temple situated in a place called kanattampuliyur situated in cuddalore district.


People who are expecting promotion, change of working place and  respect in office come here and worship lord siva and amman here.Bangles and clothes are offered to amman kolvalaikayambigai by married women for getting a child.

This temple is situated at a distance of 8 kms from kattumannar kovil.From chidambaram, kattumannar kovil is situated at a distance of 20 kms.   

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