Oct 10, 2012

Palvannanathar Temple - Kasi Bairavar

In some temples like thiruannamalai, one can see different lingams in different names.Kasi viswanathar can be seen in some temples even in remote places like aragalur in tamilnadu.From ancient times, for welfare of people, sages bring idols from the original place to different temples around the country.

A temple called palvanna nathar temple situated in a place called thirukalipalai in cuddalore district is so famous as bairavar in this temple is called as kala bairavar.


People worship lord siva with milk here for getting all types of wealth and intake the milk for getting a child.

During theipirai ashtami, Kasi bairavar is specially worshipped.Vijaya vinayagar here is worshipped specially during sangadahara sathurthi.

This temple is situated on the route of chidambaram to kavarapattu next to sivapuri at a distance of 3 kms.

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