Oct 26, 2012

Padaleeswarar Temple - For mental peace

Mind and body of a living thing such as animals differ from human beings.Sixth sense is the extra thing that differentiate human beings from animals.Evolution originates from there itself and people made the other animals to be their subordinates.But mental peace is evading every people in one day or other due to various reasons such as money, diseases and  ordinary day to day problems which make life more stressful.

People who need mental peace can visit padaleeswarar  temple situated in a place called thirupathiripuliyur in cuddalore district of tamilnadu.


During full moon day, pancha pragara valam is very famous.People who want their wishes to be fulfilled observe fast and take bath in sivakarai theertham and worship lord siva and amman thogaiyambigai.

This temple is situated in cuddalore town itself.

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