Sep 28, 2012

Vaidyanathar Temple - For curing severe fever

Fever is a symptom of body in a improper health and nowadays several types of fever occurs normally to people in the world so that it takes some time to recognize the type of fever to find the right medicine.If the  affected people is in very serious condition, then it may lead to death.

People affected by dengu fever, viral fever, chikunkunia, malaria and typhoid severely so that entire health will be collapsed and people are unable to move their body   and movement is restricted.

A temple situated in a place called thirumalapadi in ariyalur district of tamilnadu is serving a a remedy as people come here to worship lord siva and amman along with jurahareswarar here.


People who are affected by diseases severely come here and take bath in lakshmi theertham here and perform abhisegam to lord siva and amman to get cured. People affected by fever offer rasam rice in old rice to jurugareswarar to get it cured.

During punarpoosam star, nanthi marriage is performed and unmarried men and women come here to see that to get married soon.This temple is situated at a distance of 28 kms from ariyalur. 

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