Sep 11, 2012

Kirupapureeswarar Temple - For speech disabled

Sudden shocking incidents may disable speech to anyone.Some people are disabled from birth itself.Science have been updated every year for better treatments.Sometimes something simple works better.

A temple in a place called thiruvennainallur in villupuram district is so special for curing speech disabled people.This temple is so famous in ancient days as lord siva's slippers have been available even today.


Pollapillayar : Lord vinayaga is said to be special as his idol is a suyambu .Disabled people who had lost their  speech worship him to get speech.

Marriage Nandhi : People worship nandhi here by garlands and by having another one for themselves for getting married soon.

Bamboo Tree: People worship bamboo tree inside this temple by offering milk and 5 ghee lamps to remove bad effects of planetary periods.

This temple is linked on the route from kadalur to thirukovilur and is at a distance of 7 km . Buses are available from thirkovilur.

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