Sep 20, 2012

Bhakthajaneswarar Temple - For retrograde venus

Venus which is called as sukkiran in tamil language is the most benefic planet like jupiter as people associated with venus will be very different from others having acquired all the required luxuries in an affordable manner as it represents money and mainly marriage partner for men in astrology.Planets other than sun, moon, ragu and ketu go in retrograde motion which may provide mostly bad effects for people.When venus go in retrograde motion it will cause problems in marital life .

People can visit a temple called bhakthajaneswarar temple situated in a place called thirunavalur in villupuram district of tamilnadu for this retrograde venus.Amman here is called as Manonmani. 


People having retrograde venus in their astrological birth chart and people who are affected by retrograde venus in current time come here and worship lord siva and amman along with lingam installed by sukkiran for better married life.Special pooja is conducted on fridays for this lingam.

This temple is situated on the route of banrutti to ulundurpet at a place called thirunavalur at a distance of 12 kms.

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