Sep 29, 2012

Alandurayar Temple - For couples

Even a small problem becomes big  between couples these days and if the running time period is not good for them then unthinkable things happen and it may lead to a disaster such as divorce.Nowadays elders in every house are helpless if a problem occurs between a couple as there is no joint family today in india as there is no value for traditional discipline.

People especially couples who are separated can visit a temple called alandurayar temple situated in a place called keelapaluvur in ariyalur district of tamilnadu.


People who have brammahathi dosha come here and take bath in parasuramar theertham here and worship lord siva and amman to get remedy.

Separated couples come here and worship lord siva and amman to get united.Amman is called arundava nayagi.This temple is situated in the route of ariyalur to thanjavur at a distance of 12 kms. 

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