Aug 15, 2012

Varthamaneeswarar Temple - Victory at this moment

Every one needs to attain perfection in every single thing that involves day to day activities to office work or new business projects.Due to past faults in lineage, achieving 100 % is not possible for 90% of people in this world.

People who want to attain victory in anything at the current moment can visit a temple called varthamaneeswarar temple situated in thirupugalur in thiruvarur district.Amman is called as manonmani amman.


Navagraga planets are in shape of tamil letter "Ta" .This is said to be a special one.

People who want success in on going projects can worship lord siva and amman.

One have to reach this temple by travelling from thiruvarur to channanallur which is 13 km away and from there one has to travel 11 km to reach thirupugalur.

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