Aug 3, 2012

Thiyagarajar Temple - 365 Lingam

Every siva temple in india has lingams which are very small in number.But a temple is there in tamilnadu which has 365 lingams indicating 365 days of a year.

Thiyagarajar temple situated in thiruvarur is so special such that  people who visit thirunallaru must visit thiruvarur as Lord vinayaga is there to control the evil effects of navagraga.


There are 84 vinayagar present in thiruvarur and 4 of them are so special.

Nadukkam theertha vinayagar : People who are affected by nerve problems worship this vinayagar who is in amman sannithi pragaram.

Maatruraitha vinayagar : People especially women worship him before buying gold who is in west gopuram.

Moolathaara ganapathy: People who are learning yoga worship him who is in siva snannithi.

Amman Kmalambigai: Amman here can be seen with moon on her forehead and people worship here as she is the single form of Parvathi, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.She is also a form representing Lilitha sahasranamam.

Kamalamuni sithar: Near inner circle of amman, samathi of kamalamuni sithar peedam is present. 

Runavimosana eswarar: People who are having financial problems worship runa vimosana eswarar for getting better.

Hayagreeswarar: People woship him for better education.

Pradosha Pooja: Daily 4.30 to 6.00 pm pradosha pooja is conducted in this temple as it is a special one called as nithyapradosham

Duragai: People worship her for promotion in job.

Shanmuga: People worship lord sanmuga for victory over enemies.

Neelothpalambal: People worship her for getting a new baby and reunion of separated couples.

Vanmmeganathar: People worship him for for getting rich.

Brammanandhi: People worship this nandhi by filling water to get rain.

Mugunthaarchanai: People offer a special pooja called muguntharchanai for achieving great things.

hiyagarajar temple is situated in the center of town of thiruvarur as people can easily reach this temple .


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