Aug 14, 2012

Soundareswarar Temple - Promotion in job

People who are in job expect promotion naturally every 2 to 3 years and in this fast paced materialistic world no one is ready to wait for a long time. Sometimes due to internal office politics, for no reason people are transferred to a long location.Due to this one have to leave his family especially children as the education of them are also affected , if the transfer is not in april to may months.

People who are in need of job transfer to their favourite destinations and people who are in need of promotion for their hard work can visit a temple called soundareswarar temple situated in a place called thirupanayur in thiruvarur district of tamilnadu.


Lord siva is worshipped for Transfer of job and Promotion in job.Durgai here is worshipped for removing obstacles in marriage.

One has to ravel in north direction from thiruvarur for a distance of ten and half km to reach a small village callled aandipanthal .From there one has to travel one and half km in east direction to reach this temple.

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