Aug 13, 2012

Muktheeswarar Temple - Nithya amavasai

According to ancient scriptures there are 7 places in india which are said to be giving good remedy of pargaram for pithrudosha are given.They are

7.Triveni Sangamam 

4 places mentioned above are in Tamilnadu state and sithilaipathi is the place where muktheeswarar temple is situated in thiruvarur district which is suitable for pithrudosha parigaram.Pithru dosha has the ability to hold back the good things for a family if parigaram is not done.

Pithrudosha nivarthi is done during amavasai.Amavasai is a day where sun and moon are meeting each other  scienetifically. But here sun and moon are nearby worshipping lord siva and every day people come and offer remedial measures to their elders as this is a nithya amavasai temple.


People who are in gold making business come here  worship swarnavalli amman to get good business.

Near this temple , a river is flowing from north to south as it is an indication of power. 

This temple is situated at a distance of 2 kms from koothanur where Goddess saraswathi is having a separate temple.One can reach  koothanur by travelling through thiruvarur to mayiladuthurai up to 22 kms to reach a place called poonthotam  where koothanur have a separate route from there.

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