Aug 28, 2012

Jalanatheeswarar Temple - one prayer hundred benefits

Prayers offered by people work wonders for those who are honest in their life even if they face severe problems in public life in a society which is surrounded by corruption everywhere.

99 percent of people reduce their faith when more problems are on the way due to their previous karma  and less than one percent pass those tests to get a good and healthy life with wealth by putting more faith in divine  power.

People who are in need of 100 times of benefit for a single prayer can visit a temple called jalanatheeswarar temple situated in a place called thakkolam in vellore district of tamilnadu.


Amman here is very powerful and has been called as giriraja kannigambal.Pooja and prayers are offered to amman first in this temple before lord siva as she gives 100 benefits for a single prayer.

People who are working in agriculture pray lord siva and amman for reaping good harvest.

This temple is situated at a distance of 80 ks from vellore and direct buses from chennai.From arakonam on the way to kancheepuram, one has to take diversion at  thakkolam kootu road and have to travel 4  kms to reach  this temple.  

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