Aug 23, 2012

Embrace - Low cost infant warmer

20 crore premature babies with low birth weight are dying each year.In an hour 450 children are dying  in  developing countries in areas that don’t have access to innovations in modern medicine. One of the biggest problems these babies face is hypothermia: they are not able to regulate their own body temperature, and therefore cannot stay warm. Those that do survive often develop life-long health problems such as early onset of diabetes, heart disease, and low IQ.

Temperature regulation is a key problem among many of these infants.  Embrace has developed an infant warmer that costs a fraction of the price of existing solutions, and that functions without a continuous supply of electricity.

The design looks like a miniature sleeping bag that incorporates a phase change material, which stays at a constant temperature for up to 6 hours. This low-cost solution maintains premature and low birth weight babies' body temperature to help them survive.

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