Jul 17, 2012

Vilvaranyeswarar Temple - For mental disorders

Due to previous karma or by external medical factors mental disorders are on the rise in world.Everyday increasing pollution in food consumed by common people add more fire to the existing problems and only improved countries  had been supportive to medical cases that belong to mental disorders without neglecting them.

People who have persons in their family or relation with mental disorder can visit a temple called vilvaranyeswarar temple situated in a place called thirukollampudur in thiruvarur district of tamilnadu.This temple is said to be built more than 1000 years ago.


People who have mental disoders or brammahathi dosha worship lord siva and amman to get better.People offer new clothes to lord siva and amman after fulfillment of their wishes.

The temple is located at a distance of 24 km from kumbakonam near sellore via koradacheri .From there one has to travel in west direction for about 1 km to reach this temple.

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