Jul 11, 2012

Sukshmapureeswarar Temple - for reunion of husband and wife

Due to changing environment and personal problems newly married couples often get separated as economic 
conditions for individual living has increased mainly due to more job opportunities. Money plays an important role in deciding everyone's life as it is one of the things that divides a husband and wife.

Married men or women who are  living separately due to personal problems can visit a temple called sukshmapureeswarar temple situated in a place called cherugudi in thiruvarur district for a reunion with their husband or wife.Amman is called as mangala nayagi and this temple is said to be more then 1000 years old.


People worship lord siva and amman for a  life filled with good things. Separated couples worship lord siva and amman to get together with their partners. 

People worship mars in this temple with vilva leaf and pond water to remove sevvai dosham. Parigaram is conducted for sevvai dosham here.

Thirugnana sampanthar who had sung a song kolaruthirupathigam in tamil language is in the form of a child and people worship him to remove navagraga dosha


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