Jul 7, 2012

Agneeswarar Temple - Saturn worship to get rich

Every human being faces saturn once in every 30 years during their lifetime as a deity who punishes people. But there is a temple where navagragas are situated in a form of tamil letter "PA" which is like a square incomplete on the fourth side.

People who are running saturn period mainly seven and half years of saturn can visit a temple called agneeswarar temple situated in a place called thirukollikadu in thiruvarur district. Amman is called as panchin melladiyal or miruthu patha nayagi. This temple is said to  be mmore than 1000 years old.

People who are affected due to bad placement of saturn in transit worship lord siva and saturn who helps his devotees who are honest in their duties and discipline.Saturn here is called as pongu sani as he gives good life.

This temple is situated near a place called thirukollikadu which is 8 kms from kachanam on west direction.Kachanam is on the route of thiruvarur to thiruthuraipoondi at a distance of 20 kms. 

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