Jun 6, 2012

Virutcha shastra - Venus dasa - venus bhukti remedies

People born in stars barani, pooram, pooradam are under the influence of the planet venus.If venus is placed in unfavourable houses like 6,8,12 or in debilitated condition, it will affect the people under its influence.

During venus dasa, venus bhukti is the first subperiod.To avoid the ill affects of venus one has to plant neem tree (melia azadirchata linn) in places like temple compound, garden, pond sides and  public charities.This plant has to be planted during the first friday morning of  venus dasa venus bhukti. Before a day of plantation, little bit of  backyard beans is immersed in water.After plantation, backyard beans water should be supplied to the plant.Backyard beans should be given to cow.

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