Jun 23, 2012

Thoovainathar Temple - Remedy for eye problems

Every one having inner warnings about protecting themselves during adverse situations as it is a process inbuilt for human beings right from birth.The most important organ  in one's physical body is eye and one has to care himself to protect his eyes that can be affected by diseases.

People  who are having eye problems can visit a temple called thoovainathar temple situated in a place called thoovanayanar kovil in tiruvarur district.The temple i said to be more than 1000 years old.

People who want a remedy for eye problems have to come on sunday.First they have to take bath in pond in this temple and have to offer seevarali flowers to lord siva and have to make an archanai..After fulfillment of their wishes people have to offer milk abhisegam and   have to offer rice food to people.

Amman is called as  panchinmennadiyal.This temple is situated near tiruvarur rthiyagarajar kovil on keela ratha veethi near the temple chariot. 

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