Jun 19, 2012

Sargunanathar temple - Remedy for death fear

Fear is everyone's mind. Right from childhood till death, each one is afraid of something in life and naturally it is also the same thing that protects and creates a positive thinking to come out of the particular problems created by fear.

People who want to avoid unnecessary fear can visit a temple called sargunanathar temple situated  in a place called idumbavanam in tiruvarur district in tamilnadu state.This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.


Pithru mukthi: This temple is a place which relieves one's ancestors from taking rebirth  in earth.

Whit vinayagar: Lord ganesh is called as vellai vinayagar as his idol is made of seabubbles and people worship him by offering milk and panneer scent .

This temple is situated on the route of thiruthurai poondi to puduchery through thondiyakadu at a distance of 28 kms.Amman is called as mangalanayagi.

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