Jun 15, 2012

Ponvaithanathar - For good money flow in house

Gold is called in different names in different languages.In tamil langauge, it is called as Ponn which relates gold with a meaning like highly priced thing.Usually from olden days, india is famous for its richness and even today every household have a little bit of gold to exchange it for money for emergency situations.

People who want enough money flow in their house can visit a temple called ponnvaithanathar temple situated in a place called sithaimur in thiruvarur district.This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

Lord siva here is also called as sornasthabaneswarar.People worship him for stable money flow for essentil purposes even in bad times.Amman is called as agilandeswarari amman.People worship her for normal birth of a baby.People offer clothes and conduct abhishegam after their wishes are fulfilled.

Sithar worship: Even today ancient sithars worship lord siva in the form of honey bees even today and a honey bee house can be seen even today and it is daily worshipped by people.

This temple is situated at a place called sithaimur which is near alathambaadi which can be reached by private vehicles like auto.Alathambaadi is in the route of thiruvaurur to thiruthurai poondi at a distance of 20 kms. 

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