Jun 25, 2012

Kediliyappar Temple - For safe foreign journey

Nowadays every city is interconnected with international flights and big metropolitan cities  have direct flights to many foreign destinations situated in various countries.Several countries had been refurbishing relationships   with india where political changes are taking place.

People particularly businessmen travel often through flights to reach their destinations in time in case of emergencies.Higher class people often go vacations that includes foreign journey.People who want to make a safe journey can visit a temple called kediliyappar temple situated in keelvelur in tiruvarur district in tamilnadu state.



In this temple, an amman temple called anjuvattathamman is here.She is the form of kali and she is said to be guarding four sides and sky and get named as anjuvattathamman. She is worshipped as sky god and people who make foreign trip worship lord siva and amman here for safe journey. 

This temple is situated at a place called keelvelur at a distance of 35 kms from tiruvarur on the way to nagapattinam.

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