May 19, 2012

Virutcha shastra - Venus dasa - remedies

When one is undergoing venus dasa, if venus is placed in 2,7,8 from lagna or in vagra state or joined with bad planetary combinations or debilitated ill effects will be produced.

Arranged Marriages will be suddenly stopped. Problems will come through women.Diamond business will  collapse.Things will be stolen.Electronics business will fall.People in cinema field will not get a chance to showcase their talent.Ladies will fall prey due to ambitions of getting in to cinema.kidney failure will come.brain nerves will be affected.Paralysis may occur.Ear and eye problems will start over.

For avoiding these problems during venus dasa one has to plant senbaga maram which is available in forest department offices and private nursery.This plant should be planted in places like temple compound, garden,pond sides and public charities.This plant should be planted during first friday morning of venus dasa .
Before a day of plantation little bit of beans should be immersed in water.After planting senbaga maram, beans water is supplied to the plant.Beans should be given to cows.  

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